Updated: Jul 12, 2021

With current situation, most of people are depending on monthly income by their employers.

For some business owners (especially new owners) they have only one source of income. When you have money sitting in your account, it is not working for you. Finally the money that you have will be used for other things.

Money must be planted in many sectors in order to grow your money. There are few ways for you to grow money. Do not put all your eggs into one basket.

1) Fixed Deposits (FD)

If this is your first time into investing, it is better for you to invest into Fixed Deposits (FD) provided by your local banks. Bank will set a minimum amount for you to invest and provide the tenures option for you to choose. This allows for you to invest and let your money grow without you to be worried bout the money. You need to know that your deposits are protected by government insurance. To be sure about it, you can always verify with your bank before making an investment.

In this FD system, you need to know also that you have restricted access to the money you invested. This is why you need to choose the right tenure for your investments. Failing to complete the tenure, you will not receive any interest from your investments. Interest is calculated per annum basis. FD is an absolute hassle-free passive income provider you may consider.

Pros: Earn higher returns compared to normal savings account

Cons: Not allowed to make any withdrawal from your FD

2) Mutual Funds

Invest your money in shares of companies via mutual funds. Mutual Funds helps you to invest into multiple shares and it has a safe and reasonable return back for you. There are multiple

companies that provide this services for you to choose and invest.

Mutual Funds earns you dividends and interest based on the shares that you have invested. Some funds provides you a stable income and some funds can be sold when you have a good profit margin. It depends on the strategy and overall market conditions to fully utilize and make profit on your investments.

You required to spend more time to understand and play the shares around along with your mutual fund agents. For beginners, you can consider to have the support from the mutual fund providers and as time pass by you can handle it yourself.

Another thing that you need to consider is that the money that you make from your investments has not been deducted by certain cost as below:

  • Commissions paid to the Managers / Financial Advisors

  • Administration Costs

  • Other Operating Costs ( subjected to your mutual funds)

3) First Property

By purchasing your first property, you may rent it out and generate an passive income.

The rental from your property should be able to pay back your monthly installments and provide you an extra amount of cash for your profit.

You need to choose the property area and you might to invest in some renovation works or purchasing some house furniture's to boost your rental. A strategic place for your property will allow more faster tenant for you.

This income has to be consistent, so you may consider to write up an agreement with your tenant so that you are rest a sure on monthly income and if they are considering to shift after the contract tenure, you have some time period to look for new tenant. A solid return from this property will lead you in purchasing your second property and so on.

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